Oh Glory, how happy I am

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Song Name: Oh Glory, how happy I am By: Rev. Gary Davis
Posted By: Afra Difficulty: Beginner
Key: G Genre: Religious
Harp Type: Diatonic Audio:
Created: 2014-09-20 09:46:41 Modified: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
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Fav Count:0

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OH GLORY, HOW HAPPY I AM - Reverend Gary Davis

Key: G


 7   7  7  7  -6  -5  6  -6  6
When I went out in the world of sin

6  8  8  8  -8  7  -8  8
I had no one to be my friend

-6  -6  -5  -4  5  -5  5
Jesus came and He take me in,

8  8  -8  -8  7
Glory hallelu

8  9  9  9  8  8  8  9  9 -10
He takin' my feet out of miry clay

8  8  -8  7  -8  8  -9  8
He placed them up on the rock to stay

-6  -6  -5  -4  5  -5  5
I thank God that I can say:

8  8  -8  -8  7
Glory hallelu

Chorus: (2x)

9  8  7  8  9  9  9  -10
Oh glory, how happy I am

8  -8  7  7  7  7  -8  8
Oh glory, how happy I am

-8  -6  -6  -5  -4  5  5  -5  5
My soul been washed in the blood of the lamb

8  8  -8  -8  7
Glory hallelu

I was out in darkness and I could not see
Jesus came and rescued me
He cleans me and gives me victory, Glory hallelu
One day as Jesus was passing by
He set my sinful soul on fire
He made me laugh and He made me cry, Glory hallelu

When I could not understand
Jesus, he gave me a lending hand
He led me away to the promised land, Glory hallelu
He gave me a horn and He told me to blow
Go in peace and sin no more
He led me back to the early bright shore, Glory hallelu

I know something that is mighty swell
The sweet little story I love to tell
Jesus saved my soul from hell, Glory hallelu
Stand back, Satan, get out of my way
I don’t want to hear not a word you say
I’m on my way to the king's highway, Glory hallelu

Thank God, I got over at last
Thank God, I got over at last
My feet are planted in a narrow path, Glory hallelu

When I had no home to claim
I began to call on Jesus’ name
He saved me from all sin and shame, Glory hallelu
I am fire baptized and Holy Ghost filled
I’m out here to do my master’s will
I must keep going, I can’t be still, Glory hallelu

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