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Saint Louis Blues-chromatic

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Song Name: Saint Louis Blues-chromatic By: WC Handy
Posted By: Pulp Difficulty: Any
Key: G Genre: Blues
Harp Type: Chromatic Audio:
Created: 2014-03-16 12:05:51 Modified: 2014-03-16 12:14:00
Rating: Login to VoteAvg Rating:More Votes Needed
Fav Count:1

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I    hate to see,   the ev-nin’ sun go down

4d 5d   4d 3      1d*2*   3     3d*  3d   3

Hate to see, the ev-nin’ sun go down

2      3    3d    2     3    3d  3d*3d    3

Cause my ba-by, he done left this town

  2d    3d   2d 1d  4*  4d      4d   3d    3

Feel-in’ to-mor-row, li-ke      I feel to-day

4d  5d  4d   3      3      1d*2       3d*3d  3

Feel to-mor-row,  li-ke   I feel to-day

2      3     3d    3d    1d*2 3 3d* 3d 3

I’ll pack my trunk, make my get  a-way.

2d*3d  2d*  1d        3d*  4d   4d 3d   3

St Lou-is wo-man with her di   a-mond rings

9d 9d 9d 9d   9d    8      8     8* 9d  8d*    7d

Pulls that man a-round, by her a-pron strings

8        8       8     8    8        8   8*  9d   7d     7

Twant for pow-der, and for sto-re bought hair

9d        9d  9d     9d    8      8   8*8d   7d*      7

The man I love would not go no-where

8      8    8   8       8         8*  9d  7d      7 



Got the St. Lou-is blues, just as blue as   I-I   can be.

3d* 4d 3    3d*4d  3         3d 4d  3    3d* 3 3d 4d  3       

Th-at    man got a heart like a rock ca-st in th---e sea

3d*4d  3d     3   2    3       3  3d* 3d  3   2   3 3d*4d  3

Or-r         else  he--e would-nt have gone so—o   far fro--m me

3d*4d     5d   3d* 4d  1d     3d  4d       1    3d* 4d   1d  3d  4d 3

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