Auld Lang Syne 3rd Harp

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Song Name: Auld Lang Syne 3rd Harp By: Robert Burns
Posted By: EarthDogHarpin Difficulty: Beginner
Key: F Genre: Folk
Harp Type: Chromatic Audio: Auld Lang Syne 3rd Harp
Created: 2011-12-31 18:52:59 Modified: 2011-12-31 20:46:25
Rating: Login to VoteAvg Rating:More Votes Needed
Fav Count:0

Want to make Auld Lang Syne 3rd Harp sound awesome on your harmonica? Master tight single notes, rock solid bending and more with easy video lessons ->click here.

Key of F Major
This is the 3rd harpist’s part in “Auld Lang Syne Harp Quintet incl. DB"
and requires a 16 hole Key of C chromatic (Solo Tuned)
Range: E3 to D4

Tab Notations:
none = blow - = draw * = button in
. = lower register (first four holes on 16 hole)
-.3__ = hold 1___-.3* = slide smoothly from one note to next

Remember: -.2 and .2* are the same note. If you need a change in breath direction, this note is your opportunity.

3rd: -.3 -.3__ -.3 -.3 .4 -.3* -.3 -.3*
1. Should auld__ ac-quaint-ance be___ for-got,
2. And sure — ly you’ll buy your_ pint cup!
3. We two__ have run a – bout_ the slopes,
4. We two__ have pad – dled in__ the stream,
5. And there’s a hand my tru_- sty friend!

3rd: .4 -.3 -.3__ .4 -.3 -.3*_____
1. And nev-er___ brought to mind?____
2. And sur-ly___ I’ll buy mine!____
3. And pick-ed__ the daisies fine;____
4. From mor-ning sun till dine;____
5. And give us a hand o’ thine!___

3rd: -1_-.3* -.3___ .4 .4 -.3 -.3*_ -.3 -.3*
1. Should_ auld__ ac-quaint-ance be__ for - got,
2. And____ we’ll_ take a cup of__ kind- ness
3. But____ we’ve_ wan-dered many a wear_-y foot,
4. But____ seas__ be-tween us broad have roared,
5. And____ we’ll_ take a right good –will draught

3rd: .4 -.3__-.3* 2*___2 2*________
1. And days__ of auld lang syne._____
2. yet for_____ auld lang syne._____
3. since auld____ lang_____ syne._____
4. since auld____ lang_____ syne._____
5. for auld____ lang_____ syne._____

3rd: -.3* -.3_.4 .4__-.3 .4__ .4 .4 -.3* -.3__.4 .4__-.3 -.3*___
1-5. For auld__ lang___ syne, my dear, for auld___ lang___ syne.__

3rd: -1_-.3*-.3__ .4 .4 -.3 -.3*_ -.3 -.3* .4 -.3_-.3*.2*_.2 .2*__
1. We’ll take__ a cup of kind– ness yet, for auld__ lang___ syne.
2. We’ll take__ a cup of kind– ness yet, for auld__ lang___ syne.
3. We’ve wan__-dered man – y a wear– y foot, for auld__ lang___ syne.
4. But seas__ be- tween us broad have roared, for auld_ lang___ syne.
5. And we’ll_ take a right good –will draught for auld lang___ syne.

Optional Humorous last verse (from Garrison Keillor’s 2006 New Year's Eve Special):

I think of all the great, high hearts
I had when I was young!
And now who are these sad old farts
I find myself among?
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