Erin go bragh

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Song Name: Erin go bragh By: Unknown
Posted By: verarrr Difficulty: Any
Key: Any Genre: Irish
Harp Type: Diatonic Audio:
Created: 2011-07-17 11:07:52 Modified: 2011-07-17 11:07:53
Rating: Login to VoteAvg Rating:More Votes Needed
Fav Count:1

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Erin go bragh


'Erin go bragh' means something like 'Ireland forever', and I can only agree with that. This is a very nice song about Irish history


I'll  sing  you  a  song  of  a  row  in  the  town, 

-3     4     4    4     7    -7  6  -5     5   -4      4


When  the  green  flag  went  up  and  the  Crown  flag  came  down, 

    4      -7      -8       7       7    -6      6     6       -5       6       -7        6


'Twas  the  neat-est  and  sweet-est  thing  e-ver  you  saw, 

    -7    -8      7     7     -7       6      6      -5     6   5    -4      4


And  they  played  that  great  game  they  called  E-rin  Go  Bragh. 

-3       4        4         4       6        -5      -5       5      -5  4    4      3


God bless gallant Pearse and his comrades who died 
Tom Clark, MacDonagh, MacDiarmada, McBride, 
And here's to James Connolly who gave one hurrah, 
And faced the machine guns for Erin Go Bragh. 

Now one of our leaders was down in Ring's end, 
For the honour of Ireland to hold and defend, 
He had no veteran soldiers but volunteers raw, 
Playing sweet Mauser music for Erin Go Bragh. 

Old Ceannt and his comrades like lions at bay, 
From the South Dublin Union poured death and dismay, 
But what was then often the entaylors men saw 
All the dead karki soldiers on Erin Go Bragh. 

A great foreign captain was raving that day, 
Saying, "Give me one hour and I'll blow you away," 
But a big Mauser bullet got stuck in his jaw, 
And he died of lead poisoning on Erin Go Bragh. 

A glory to Dublin, and to her we renown, 
In the long generations her fame will go down, 
And our children will tell how their forefathers saw, 
The red blaze of freedom in Erin Go Bragh.



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