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Search Results
Song Name Artist Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
Country Feedback R.E.M. Any G Diatonic ,,, 2358
Drive (12th position) R.E.M. Intermediate C Diatonic ,,, 2993
Driver 8 R.E.M. Beginner G Diatonic ,,, 2683
Find the River (harmonica part) R.E.M Intermediate C Diatonic lujosederaujo010 118
Find the River (harmonica part, higher notes) R.E.M Any C Diatonic lujosederaujo010 89
Ignoreland (slant harp) R.E.M. Any C Diatonic ,,, 2425
Monty Got Raw Deal (12th position) R.E.M. Any F Diatonic ,,, 2738
Near Wild Heaven R.E.M. Beginner D Diatonic ,,, 2287
Near Wild Heaven (my version) R.E.M. Beginner D Diatonic morbius 1343
Night Swimming (EDharmonica) R.E.M Beginner C Diatonic medyza 979
Night Swimming (For Arthur4080) R.E.M Any G Diatonic TIN_MAN 3890
Radio Song R.E.M. Any Ab Diatonic ,,, 2267
Texarkana (12th position) R.E.M. Any D Diatonic ,,, 1756
The One I Love R.E.M. Beginner Any Diatonic morbius 4530
The One I Love (better version) R.E.M. Intermediate G Diatonic morbius 931
Try not to Breathe (D) R.E.M. Intermediate D Diatonic ,,, 2174
Try not to Breathe (G) R.E.M. Beginner G Diatonic ,,, 2314

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