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Search Results
Song Name By Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
Beep Beep! Donald Claps & Carl Ciccihetti Any G Diatonic TIN_MAN 3378
Bernie's Tune Chet Baker, Jerry Mulligan Any F Chromatic WaltP 2836
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White -chrom Alan Dale, Chet Atkins Any Eb Chromatic WaltP 3756
I Fall In Love Too Easily Chet Baker Any Eb Chromatic waltp 712
Ik heb geen zin om op te staan Het Any Any Diatonic bluesharp_jos 133
Midnight Chet Atkins Intermediate C Chromatic marion 45
My Funny Valentine (chrom) Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker Any Eb Chromatic waltp 1678
My Heart Stood Still (Chrom Ver) Chet Baker Any F Chromatic PoTTerTea 31
My Ideal Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Chet Baker Any Eb Chromatic waltp 702
Swedish Rhapsody The Wiggles, Chet Atkins Any Bb Chromatic WaltP 3405
Tenderly (EDharmonica) Chet Baker Intermediate C Diatonic medyza 108
The Little Drownded Girl (chrom) Patterson Whetmore Any D Chromatic WaltP 1334
The Little Drownded Girl (hi-lo) Patterson Whetmore Any D Diatonic WaltP 1382
The Tailgate Ramble Sydney Bechet, Kid Ory Any Eb Chromatic WaltP 1954

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