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Search Results
Song Name Artist Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
25 Or 6 To 4 Robert Lamm (Chicago) Any C Diatonic WaltP 5671
All that jazz Chicago Intermediate Any Diatonic cxmxbx 15418
And All That Jazz (chromatic) from: "Chicago" Catherine Zeta Jones Any C Chromatic WaltP 8775
Baby What A Big Surprise (chrom) Peter Cetera, Chicago Any C Chromatic WaltP 3194
Baby What A Big Surprise (hi-lo) Peter Cetera, Chicago Any C Diatonic WaltP 3522
Colour My World Chicago Any F Chromatic WaltP 4283
Does Anybody Reall Know What Time It Is Chicago Any G Chromatic WaltP 4097
Hard To Say I'm Sorry CHICAGO!!/Az Yet Any E Diatonic TIN_MAN 6065
I Cant Do It Alone Chicago (the Musical) Any A Diatonic TIN_MAN 3084
If You Leave Me Now Chicago Beginner C Diatonic aussie 11284
If You Leave Me Now (chromatic) Chicago Any C Chromatic WaltP 5003
If You Leave Me Now (v.2.) Chicago Beginner Any Diatonic andrewmace14 227
Roxie! CHICAGO!! Any A Diatonic TIN_MAN 3237
You're Not Alone (G and A) Chicago Any Any Diatonic Pharm_Gal 1134
Your The Inspiration!! (For Aussie) CHICAGO!! Beginner G Diatonic TIN_MAN 5308

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