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Search Results
Song Name By Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
All For Love (From the 3 Musketeers) Bryan Adams/Sting/Rod Stewart Any D Diatonic TIN_MAN 7051
Bring On The Night Sting & The Police Any G Diatonic TIN_MAN 2730
Can't Stand Losing You Sting & The Police Any F Diatonic TIN_MAN 3379
De Do Do Do Da Da Da Sting & The Police Beginner A Diatonic TIN_MAN 4580
Don't Stand So Close To Me Sting & The Police Any Bb Diatonic TIN_MAN 4139
english man in new york sting Beginner D Diatonic ice_dragon 11411
Englishman in New york Sting Beginner C Diatonic ORION 8146
Englishman in New York (full & correct) Sting Beginner Any Diatonic morbius 14647
FIELDS OF GOLD Sting Beginner D Diatonic harp46 28023
Fields Of Gold(+guitar chords) Sting/Eva Cassidy Intermediate D Diatonic dino 12443
Fragile Sting Any C Chromatic mmolino54 13660
Heavy Cloud No Rain Sting Beginner Any Diatonic mmolino54 4242
How Insensitive Sting Any F Chromatic WaltP 3152
I Hung My Head Johnny Cash, Sting Beginner Bb Diatonic yukon 4871
I Hung My Head (Tremolo) Johnny Cash, Sting Beginner Bb Tremolo yukon 2305
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You The Police, Sting Any A Chromatic WaltP 2835
It's Alright For You Sting & The Police Any E Diatonic TIN_MAN 1859
I’m So Happy I Cant Stop Cryin TOBY KEITH!!! & STING Any Eb Diatonic TIN_MAN 2668
La belle dame sans regrets Sting/Dominic Miller/Chris Botti Any Any Diatonic BobUrubupeba 808
Message In The Bottle Sting & The Police Any A Diatonic TIN_MAN 6899
Moon Over Bourbon Street Sting Beginner C Diatonic mmolino54 4640
Roxanne!!! Sting & The Police Any Bb Diatonic TIN_MAN 11062
Russians Sting Beginner C Diatonic mmolino54 5246
Seventh Son Willie Dixon, Johnny Rivers, Sting Any Eb Chromatic WaltP 2622
Shape of my heart Sting Beginner C Chromatic Only-You 4098
Shape of My Heart Sting Any C Diatonic mmolino54 40755
Shape Of My Heart (chrom) Sting Any B Chromatic waltp 878
Shape Of My Heart (easy chrom) Sting Any C Chromatic waltp 989
Shape Of My Heart (hi-lo) Sting Any B Diatonic waltp 839
So Lonely Sting & The Police Any C Diatonic TIN_MAN 5714
Spirits In A Material World Sting & The Police Any F Diatonic TIN_MAN 2257
St. Agnes & the Burning Train Sting Intermediate C Diatonic mmolino54 3339
St. Agnes & the Burning Train--chromatic Sting Beginner C Chromatic mmolino54 3045
The Stalker's Song Sting Beginner Bb Diatonic Noel_Harmonica 5573
The Windmills Of Your Mind Sting/Noel Harrison/Dusty Springfield/Many Others Beginner Any Diatonic pagan 7350
The Windmills Of Your Mind (chromatic) Dusty Springfield, Sting Any G Chromatic WaltP 3528
Theme from "Tuck Everlasting" (Music Box) Tuck Everlasting Beginner C Diatonic xeurith 2687
Tuck Everlasting Music Box (Edited) From "Tuck Everlasting" Beginner C Diatonic xeurith 1292
Who Am I (I Am Yours) Casting Crowns Beginner B Diatonic yukon 5558
Who Am I (tremolo) Casting Crowns Beginner B Tremolo yukon 2571

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