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Search Results
Song Name By Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
All Your Love Otis Rush / Eric Clapton Any A Diatonic chibluesteve 7117
Bastille Day Rush Beginner G Diatonic ,,, 1293
big night big time rush Intermediate D Diatonic pp32 1644
Closer To The Heart RUSH Expert A Diatonic gatman 3711
Closer to the Heart (cross harp, no overblows) Rush Beginner D Diatonic ,,, 2508
Closer To The Heart chromatic RUSH Any A Chromatic gatman 2567
Distant Early Warning RUSH Intermediate C Diatonic gatman 2498
Distant Early Warning (chrom) RUSH Any C Chromatic gatman 2340
Escape From the City (Sonic Adventure 2) Sega / Tony Harnell / Ted Poley / Crush 40 Intermediate C Diatonic harmonicanon 1376
Fly By Night Rush Beginner G Diatonic SlickComic 4287
I Can't Quit You, Baby Willie Dixon, Otis Rush, Led Zeppelin Any G Diatonic gene 3404
June Night Jimmy Rushing Any C Diatonic gatman 2514
Limelight RUSH Intermediate E Diatonic gatman 3871
Little Girl (chromatic) Jimmy Rushing Any Bb Chromatic WaltP 2153
Power of love Jenifer Rush /Celin Dion Beginner Ab Any mpurintun 9584
Red Sector A RUSH Intermediate C Diatonic gatman 2167
Sonic the Hedgehog - Endless Possibilities Crush 40 Intermediate Any Diatonic gamrin 1278
The Spirit of Radio Rush Any E Diatonic ,,, 2414
The Trees RUSH Intermediate C Diatonic gatman 3198

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