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Search Results
Song Name By Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
Amazing! Aerosmith Any C Diatonic TIN_MAN 12916
Angel Aerosmith Intermediate Any Diatonic Wailer 13519
Angel_1 Aerosmith Any Any Diatonic MADMAX 6036
Back Back Train (Harmonica Solo) Aerosmith Any C Diatonic MrBl0nd3 21477
Back Back Train (in G) Aerosmith Beginner G Diatonic Argenis 6154
Blind Man - Natural Minor B Aerosmith Any B Diatonic werkis2 3164
crazy (intro) Aerosmith Any D Diatonic stevenli 11116
Crazy! Aerosmith Any A Diatonic TIN_MAN 22515
Cry Me A River (chromatic) Aerosmith, Julie London, Diana Krall Any Eb Chromatic WaltP 7076
Cryin (Harp Solo) Aerosmith Beginner A Diatonic The_PianoMan 65404
Dream On Aerosmith Beginner C Diatonic Wailer 32813
Hangman Jury Aerosmith Beginner A Diatonic Alvaroai7 10318
I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing Aerosmith Beginner C Diatonic djlactose 50922
I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith Beginner D Diatonic aussie 39625
One Way Street Aerosmith Expert Bb Diatonic caveman 15909
one way street (beginning solo) Aerosmith Expert F Diatonic kabum555 5331
Pink Aerosmith Beginner C Diatonic rafael 9884
Pink (chromatic) Aerosmith Any G Chromatic WaltP 5043
Pink (intro) Aerosmith Beginner Any Diatonic aussie 25828
Pink Intro (Best) Aerosmith Intermediate C Diatonic Tio_Renan 70570
Toys in the Attic (cross harp) Aerosmith Any D Diatonic ,,, 2338
Uncle Salty (slant harp) Aerosmith Any G Diatonic ,,, 2422
Walk This Way Aerosmith Beginner C Diatonic djlactose 22027
Walk This Way (chrom) Aerosmith Any C Chromatic WaltP 3340
What It Takes Aerosmith Intermediate Any Diatonic Wailer 6917

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