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Search Results
Song Name Artist Difficulty Key Harp Type Posted By Midi Views
(Can someone Please tell me the name of this tune)??? maybe Herb Albert? Any C Diatonic bigcityjps 8441
12 BAR BLUES turnaround ????????????? Expert G Diatonic gatman 20634
banks of ohio ???? Beginner Any Diatonic knackers 6375
Barney the dino theme song ? Any C Chromatic Harp_Master96 8618
Battle Hymn on The Marines ? Intermediate Any Diatonic chrisbear08 6889
Blomstertid ? Beginner C Diatonic powie 2518
blue moon ? Beginner Any Any rhino 61938
BLUES-RIFF ? Any C Diatonic badgerhill54 9403
Bob The builder (the better version) ? Beginner C Chromatic Harp_Master96 5258
Bonus Song ????? Intermediate C Diatonic watcherofcreation 2871
Caprifischer ?? Any Any Any Harry 8568
Dixie ? Beginner C Any svaje 125517
Gaudeamus Igitur ? Beginner Any Diatonic morbius 6252
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen ???? Beginner C Diatonic Funhasha168 21503
Heart of Oak Charles Dibdin (?) Any Any Any Sandals 4333
Hon r bara femton r ? Any G Diatonic powie 2918
How Important Can It Be Dean Martin? Any C Diatonic TIN_MAN 2833
How the west was won.(The Macahans) ? Beginner C Diatonic Jamtharp 6233
I feel pretty ? Any C Diatonic samgamji 2999
i Gllivare trakter ? Any F Chromatic tobbe 1471
I'll Fly Away, Second Position ? Intermediate C Diatonic Damond 6027
Inbjudan till bohusln ? Any C Diatonic powie 2514
John Cena ??? Any Any Diatonic imnotinabluesband 688
juba linnukesed ? Any Any Any elcommandante 4844
Karusellen! ? Any C Diatonic powie 2203
Kuwate (infinite sun) Lakota trad. ? Any Any Any elcommandante 1570
Listen to the Moking bird (3 Stooges Theme songs) ? Beginner C Chromatic jrrit12 2118
Lord of the dance (easier to read) ??? Beginner C Any fructify 7362
Lord of the Rings Theme ? Beginner Any Any rybo13 74250
low rider ???george lopez Beginner C Any darkvampire 15880
Ma tahaksin kodus olla ? Beginner Any Diatonic elcommandante 4618
Magnificent Seven Theme ? Any C Diatonic tin_pan_ted 8936
Meow Mix ? Any C Chromatic Harp_Master96 3499
michigan fight song ? Beginner C Any harmonica.guy 4068
Midnight Cowboy - main theme Toots Theilmans? Any Any Chromatic sej016 11903
Mormors lilla krka! ? Beginner G Diatonic powie 2608
My Butler Is Black Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Beginner C Diatonic chelmo 5549
New Kid In Town The Eagles ??? Beginner C Any malotte 8590
Nu har vi ljus (22) ? Beginner C Diatonic powie 2646
O sole Mio /short version ? Beginner C Diatonic Jamtharp 11040
Oh ,What a Night ! The Dells ??? Beginner A Any malotte 6364
oh danny boy ? Beginner Any Diatonic rhino 82746
Oh Susana! ?? help me! Any C Diatonic guilhas 13198
Once In Love With Amy from: "Where's Charley?" Any G Chromatic WaltP 3238
popeye ? Beginner C Diatonic 20 22579
postipoiss ? Beginner Any Diatonic elcommandante 4235
Red River Valley (chromatic) ? Beginner C Chromatic morbius 7760
Rven raskar ver isen/ ? Beginner C Diatonic powie 2425
scottish ? Beginner Any Any bertrand 7146
Smurfs (a little modified ORION version) Pierre Kartner (?) Beginner Any Diatonic floid 3289
So Ein Tag, So Wunderschn Wie Heute ? Beginner Any Any seelenvogel 4445
Spokey Dokey (Yoko Kano) Ryuchiro Sanoo ? Expert D Diatonic Chakra 27156
Star Wars Opening El tipo que hizo la musica de star wars ? Any Any Any ickkcki2p2 2043
Surely Goodness and Mercy ? Any Any Diatonic Pulp 4558
Taps (Lyrics & Tabs) ***** Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield ? Any Any Diatonic rodgerson8 7691
The final count down melody ? Beginner Any Any yourfather 2461
The lion sleeps tonight (Alternate version) ? Any C Chromatic Harp_Master96 7501
The Walking Boogie Blues ? Beginner Any Diatonic Basfeijen 2297
Tom chant! ? Beginner C Diatonic trevormann 4632
Uičko kolo ? Intermediate Any Diatonic morbius 9636
Vi ro Musikanter! ? Beginner G Diatonic powie 1721
WE ARE the cнampians ? Intermediate C Diatonic yourfather 2316
when the saints go marching in (ver.2) who cares? Beginner Any Any badhat 3976
You'll never know ? Beginner Any Any skink 4298
Zwei kleine Italiener ?? Any Any Any Harry 9051

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