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Song Name: Christmas 1915 By: Celtic Thunder
Posted By: noel_harmonica Difficulty: Beginner
Key: A Genre: Christmas
Harp Type: Diatonic
Created: 2011-12-19 00:50:34 Modified: 2012-12-22 01:08:52




1915 on Christmas Day,


On the western front, the guns all died away,


And lyin' in the mud, on bags of sand,


We heard a German sing, from No Man's Land,


He had a tenor voice, so pure and true,


The words were strange, but every note, we knew,


Soaring o'er the living, dead and damned,


The German sang of peace, from No Man's Land.




They left their trenches and we, left ours,


Beneath tin hats the smiles, bloomed like, wild flowers,


With photos, cigarettes and pots of wine,


We built a soldier's truce, on the front line.


Their singer was a lad of 21,


We begged another song, before the dawn,


And sitting, in the mud and blood and fear,


He sang again a song all longed to hear.








6 -6  6      5       -6     6     4     5


Si-i-lent Night, no cann-ons roar,

7 7 -7 -7 -6 -6 6 -6 -7 6

A King is born of peace for-ev-er more,

 -6 -5 6 5

All's calm, all's bright,

7 7 -6 6 -5 5

All broth-ers hand in hand,

  5 -5 -5 -5 5 -4 -4 4 -3 4

In 19 and 15 in No Man's Land.



And in the morning, the guns boomed, in the rain,


And we killed them and they killed us again,


At night they charged, we fought them, hand to hand,


I killed the boy, who sang, in No Man's Land.




Silent Night, no cannons roar,


A king is born of peace forever more,


All's calm, all's bright,


All brothers hand in hand,


And that young soldiers sings,


Well the Captains and the Kings,


Built No Man's Land.


Sleep in heavenly peace.