recording for video
Posted by: edmackey (108.162.238.---)
Date: December 06, 2018 02:49PM

I’m retired …age 75, started playing 2 years ago…on and off. Straight harp but just learned how to bend and working on improving that cause…I can get the bent notes but tone is weak. Not a problem since I now have time to dedicate to getting better tone. Have tried several harp brands and find the suzuki pro master and seydel session steel the most comfortable. The hohner crossover is the most responsive…but a bit too thin and irritates my lower lip.

My source of learning (other than practice) has been 90% youtube and a few books and cd’s. This is strictly for my own amusement…there are no career goals…

My question is ….as I watch the you tube videos and see the players with head phones and microphones, and what seems like recording equipment, I’d like to get some info on what all this is….wont improve my playing, but might let me make a few videos so I can wow my grandkids…so looking for equipment recommendations…

Re: recording for video
Posted by: Twiliger (162.158.58.---)
Date: December 22, 2018 08:54PM

I like this for my own amusement. I have made a few videos and posted them on Soundcloud. I have figured out how to do them on Facebook too. I play using tabs until I have the song memorized. I cannot play Blues licks and do tongue blocking. I stick to melody gospel..Hank Williams. I like the slow lilting melodic numbers. You can check out my harp stuff here []

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